We are a local screen printing and sign shop located in Knoxville, IA. We strongly believe in our community and serving it with the best priced custom apparel. Locally owned and operated.

Here at Ramaeker’s we have many ways to help you!

Screen-Printing: Our biggest job here is screen-printing.  We started with screen printing and just haven’t slowed down!  We love being able to help customers create a new design for their event as well as seeing past customers re-order their companies shirts.

Signs: We print everything from large banners, to poster paper to window decals to stickers.  We can do just about anything you would want!

Embroidery: Give your polo or jacket a little flair with embroidery.  Embroidery will make your work shirts or jackets just a little fancier.  We can embroider names or your logo, just ask us!

Design: We can custom design your shirt or banner for you.  We love having the opportunity to help you come up with a perfect design.  Our designers will help you along every step!  If you have an idea or if you have no clue, we can help you get started and come up with something you will love.

Meet our staff!

Tom and Becky Ramaeker:  These two do it all.  Besides running the business, they are the ones that started it all!  Tom now specializes in printing the shirts in the back and usually only comes into the office for a snack break!  Becky can do a little bit of everything from answering the phones to printing shirts, shes the one that keeps everyone on track and on schedule.

Tonya McMurray:  Tonya has been working at Ramaeker’s since 2010 and is the official “online shopper”.  This sounds like a dream job to any woman!  Tonya is the one who orders all of the shirts and apparel, checks it in and keeps the shop moving forward on jobs.

Lara DeMaderios: Lara is our graphic designer.  She is the one that can take your idea and make it into a great apparel design!  Lara has been working since 2012 at Ramaeker’s.

Alaina Spaur: Alaina is our second graphic designer. She started here March 2018 and hit the ground running! She fits right in with our motley crew.

Jess Wilt: Jess is the daughter of Tom and Becky and started working for Ramaeker’s in 2014.  She is our customer service lady. If you’ve been to the shop, you’ve probably seen her or her small sidekick, Finn.

Bryce Whitmore: Bryce has been here since 2012 and his specialty is running the automatic press, as well as helping with any extra jobs that need done in the production room.

Andy McKay: Andy started here towards the end of summer 2018. He is a great help to the back of house team. He runs the manual press and he also makes sure every t-shirt comes out perfect!

Carol Helwig: Carol started working here in 2016. She and her husband offered to help move the business! She helped us move and she never left. Carol helps the guys in production by pulling and sorting shirts, and just overall keeping those guys in line.

Gary Helwig: Gary is our resident handyman. If you know Gary at all, you know why we love having him around! He’s a master builder and is Dave’s sidekick when it comes to busy season for signs.

Lexy Vasquez-Smith: Lexy has been with us since spring 2018. She catches the t-shirts when they come out of the oven. This is one of the last steps for the t-shirt making process!

Dave Garcia:  Dave is our on-call “sign guy”.  He prints posters, banners, yard signs, stickers and even signage for businesses.